• Madeline Leto

First Impressions

First impressions are EVERYTHING.

Let me be clear, if you think first impressions are not important, THINK AGAIN! Whether you are at a job interview, or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, how you introduce yourself will greatly impact your relationship with that person. The same can be said for dating apps. Your profile picture and bios can make or break your chances of finding that special someone.

Now you might be thinking, “I have posted my photos and I have written my bios, but still no luck. It does not seem to matter what kind of dating app I use, I still get the same results.” If that is the case, I will stop you right there.

You may believe that your profile page is top notch, but it will most likely benefit you to make some changes. With the launch of polar baer just around the corner, you want to make sure you are creating a stellar profile.

Below I have listed some things to look out for. If you have committed any of these crimes in the past, I would suggest an alternate approach while using polar baer.

Snapchat Selfies

You can learn a lot about a person just based on a selfie. For instance, someone who is confident in themselves might expose their face and body more in a photo while someone who is more reserved may only snap a picture of half their face. Nowadays, you can manipulate and share selfies easily with apps like Snapchat. Snapchat has embraced selfie culture and enhanced it by allowing you to take selfies with cute or funny filters.

Despite their likability, these selfies should remain in your Snapchat memory bank and off your dating app profile. If your first photo is a semi average, slightly blurred selfie with a dog filter over it, you are doing something wrong. Don’t believe me? Just ask yourself this; would you rather see a handsome man/woman dressed to the nines ready to start their career, or see that same person with a Snapchat filter on their face? Which one tells you they are taking the app seriously?

I hate to throw Snapchat completely under the bus since some selfies actually come out very nice, but the polar baer app only allows you one photo for your profile. That one space should be reserved for something better than a Snapchat photo.

Group photos

Group photos are a great way to get a sense of what you are like around your friends and family while also enlightening potential matches of what your interests may be. I am a firm believer that a good dating profile has a balanced combination of group and individual photos. However, if your group photo is your first photo (and with polar baer’s case, your only photo), that is a major red flag.

Just imagine this, you go to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, but instead of going alone, your best friend accompanies you to help ease your nerves. Although you receive a warm welcome from the family, the mother regards your best friend as her daughter’s boyfriend instead of you. See the issue?

Even though it is nice to have your bestie around to have your back, it is YOU that is responsible for making a good first impression. Don’t ruin it by making your matches try and guess who is who right off the bat. Just imagine what could happen if you meet in real life and your match guessed wrong!

Lack of photos

If you are putting a group photo or a Snapchat photo as your profile picture, then maybe the problem is you don’t have any photos to post in the first place, or at least any good ones. Let me be clear, post gym workout mirror pics and photos of you with your ex blurred out don’t qualify as good photos.

Think of your polar baer photo as your LinkedIn photo. Would you rather have potential employers see you sweaty and gross or with your hair done and a snazzy outfit on? Snazzy outfit 100%!

If you are lacking in photos, do yourself a favor and go get a working phone or camera (if you feel like being fancy), put together some nice outfits, and have yourself a little photoshoot. Regardless of the dating app, there’s nothing worse than seeing only one, semi-average photo on a profile, or seeing a string of really bad ones. You are only hurting yourself.

Boring bios

Without a witty bio to aid your profile pictures, you are probably ten times more likely to be seen as a catfish. Think about it, why would I swipe on your profile if I know nothing about you? It would feel like walking into a trap.

A weak bio, or no bio at all, tells everyone that you don’t believe you need anything but your looks to make someone swipe right. You might be attractive enough to do just that, but odds are your stubborn ego is doing you dirty. That bio is essential when your trying to form an initial connection with someone. At the end of the day, looks aren’t what keep a relationship alive and well.

A clever bio not only catches someone’s attention, it sparks conversation that goes beyond the typical “hey, what’s up?”, and “nm, hbu?” response. Try something that will catch someone’s attention and share a bit of information about yourself. A funny joke, a quote from your favorite TV show, or even a comical question could sparks a conversation that unlocks something more than just the simple match on a dating app.

In Conclusion

Polar baer gives you the chance to make a good first impression face to face, but only if you make a good one on the app first. So, make sure to choose your photos and bios wisely. Assess your other dating profiles, if any, and eliminate any mistakes like the ones I have described. Hopefully your polar baer profile will be new, fresh and ready for action.