• Madeline Leto

Combatting Your Social Anxiety

Let’s be honest, meeting someone for the first time in person after only seeing their dating profile can be a bit intimidating. Not everyone has an outgoing and bubbly personality, but that’s okay! With the polar baer app, you can be comfortable within your own bubble and test your limits at the same time. It’s totally up to you.

When it comes to most dating apps, downloading the app is simple, creating a profile is relatively easy, and swiping left and right on people is just as effortless as liking an Instagram post. The challenge is what to do once you actually match with someone. Now all of the sudden it’s real.

In the real world, it’s scary to reach out to someone you have never met before, let alone meet them face to face. Tons of questions circulate in the back of your mind before, during and after that first encounter. What should I wear? What should I say? Do they even like me? This anxiety may be so drastic that you might even call it quits and back out all together. More often than not, this is why most people get nowhere with dating apps, or end up ghosting their matches after a few messages. When you use the polar baer app, you don’t have to put any pressure on yourself because the first encounter face to face would most likely take place with the formalities that normally accompany said interaction. That being said, you will find the strength to make a move without experiencing the usual fear that makes you question your decision to get off the couch and into the bar.

Let’s look at an example. You and your girlfriends are planning to go club hopping for the night. The club you enter shows up as a polar baer location on your app. So you decide to grab a drink, check into the app, and examine your options.

This scenario could go a few different ways, but still end up with positive results. Let’s say you match with someone and end up meeting in person. If it goes well, then you spend the rest of the night together, enjoy each other’s company and maybe even plan for a second date. If it’s not what you expected, then you can fall back on your friends and continue having the fun girl’s night out like you had originally planned. Same thing goes if you don’t end up matching with anyone at all. Point being, there’s no added pressure to meet anyone if you don’t want to, so there’s less of a chance of being disappointed. You also weren’t stressing about a date because you did not know who you were going to meet until you got there.

You can approach using the polar baer app however you so please. If you want to go solo to find your mate, go for it. If you want to check the app while you're casually strolling around your neighborhood, that works too. If you are more outgoing, these options will probably work out well. But for those who are more introverted, this app is perfect for you! You don’t have to meet anyone alone and you don’t have to worry about being in an uncomfortable place if you don’t want to be. The choice is yours!