• Madeline Leto

5 First Date Ideas

If you've had a few successful matches on polar baer, you’re ready for the next step - asking your match out on an official first date! First dates can be extremely intimidating, but with our help, you already got the initial scary encounter out of the way. Now all you have to worry about is where to take your date.

To help make life easier, we have devised the top five most popular dating spots to take your polar baer matches. While many of these could be up to interpretation, these are some of the best.

Coffee Date:

If you’re looking for a date that is quick and casual, then a coffee date could be the perfect place to be. Coffee shops are everywhere, and even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, there are a variety of beverages and baked goods available. Plus, cafes are usually always located in public places and open during the day, offering a sense of ease for people who are nervous to be alone with someone they just met.

Dinner and a Movie:

Whether it’s a classic Italian dinner at a restaurant in the city followed by the next blockbuster, or a take out kind of night with some Netflix, you cannot go wrong with dinner and a movie. It’s a step up from a coffee date, but certainly nothing major. You could learn a lot about a person just by the food they like to eat and the movies they like to watch.

Park Picnic:

A picnic at a park is a super cute way to combine a casual daytime date with a fantastic meal. Lay out your favorite blanket, grab some food and you’re good to go. Picnics take away the formalities of a sit down meal, potentially making you and your match more comfortable.

Landscape Related Activity:

This category is broad, but only because depending on where you live there could be a variety of different options. Use your geography to your advantage people! If you live closer to the water, a romantic walk on the beach along with a sunset could be the perfect combo. If you live near the mountains, try going on a hike. If you don’t use your geography to your advantage then you’ll be missing out on a variety of opportunities.

FaceTime Date:

With all the craziness of today’s day and age, facetime dates have become extremely valuable. They have become the new norm in this COVID era, but they also provide some other advantages.

If you’re not a huge social butterfly, then facetime dates may be a more comfortable option for you. Not only do you get the chance to meet someone new, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. It definitely takes some of the pressure off, and it may be just what you need to get yourself into the dating game! Don’t knock it before you try it.