Frequently Asked Questions

What is polar baer?

polar baer is an ice breaker app that let's you connect with other singles in your immediate location - whether it be the same bar, restaurant, book store, park etc. 

Why is "baer" spelled incorrectly?

That's exactly how we spell it! We want everyone to find their "bae".

Where can I use polar baer?

polar baer is currently available in the NYC Tri-state area at select locations. Stay up to date on upcoming polar baer events on our instagram..

When will polar baer be available near me?

You can follow us on instagram and twitter for updates around upcoming polar baer locations. If you'd like to partner or suggest a new polar baer location, you can email us at

Why can I only send 3 messages?

polar baer is all about connecting people where it matters, irl. We limit you to 3 messages to encourage real-life connections. More dating, less app!

Still have questions? Watch our demo video below